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D. Mir Shah Alam: Bangladesh Betar, the listeners of all over the world, all radio station, other media, cultural personalities, private radio, community radio observed World Radio Day Bishow Betar Dibosh on 13th February every year. In the British period the then administration started radio broadcast as an electronic media due to socio political cause 16 December 1939. In this region of Asia.

The main region was to transmit news and views related to world war. Najimuddin road Dhaka become historically important venue of electronic broadcasting because fast broadcasting is started from that place. So the world radio day of this year is very important because Bangladesh Betar celebrate diamond jubilee of radio broadcasting in this year also. We celebrate both diamond jubilee and world radio day this year.

Primarily the than Dhaka Radio or Radio broadcast started transmission with the goal of spread information, education, motivation through entertainment but Radio program news and views become a very important parts and parcel of peoples life. It plays a great role to develop our life style, cultural advancement and upward awareness occur of our people due to the inflame of Radio program. In the mass revolution 1969 and liberation war 1971 Radio commentary enhance the courage of youth student and freedom fighter. Radio played an unparallel role like a sector of freedom fighting. The news and views drama and song of Shadhin Bangla Betar Kendro directly inspired the freedom fighter.

Radio programs are prepared in such a way and spread the news, views, music, jingle, drama, talks, interview, field reporting and song to motivate the listeners in a positive way and change their behavior beneficially. Bangladesh Betar changes some radical approaches beneficial for the people, take some initiative to reach the listeners, as an example Bangladesh Betar Sylhet centre broadcast the 7th march historical speech of Bangabandhu Sheik Mujibur Rahman, though centrally it has been on air also, to honor religious sentiment started the azan for namaz, It has been started digital recoding before other region, interactive programming, FM broadcasting with RJ system, entry listeners view in SMS booth, creation of listeners club to build up feedback system, Phone-in-program as a program format initiated by Sylhet as a regional station successfully.

This all programs later on executed nationwide. Developed information has been able to change the life pattern and the attitude of the people. Country wide population control, increase felowland cultivation, green revolution in agriculture sector, root level health care, notably influence by the media, Radio program. Irradiation of illiteracy and poverty, mother and child care, , reduction of envermental pollution, compulsory primary education system all this have been possible with the participation of sensitized people whom uphold awareness by Radio program. people set their mind and ready to work with national activities.

Some important facts like Increase of labor patient in hospital, hand wash before eating and after using toilet, tooth brush, sense of sanitation are truly result of listening Radio and eagerness to the media activity. Radio program materials include village devilment issue, use of improved seed fertilizer, education system, digitalization, vission-2021 etc. Total education success primary to higher level specially in the rate of increased in literacy is the success story of the radio broadcast.

Radio Broadcasting is responsibly creature of the hole cultural development after liberation in the country. All the cultural personality, activist, renound singer, famous artist whatever we say bangladesh betar is directly act as a patron and platform to prepare themselves. To practice bangla, bangali culture radio is the main media which worked from 75 years in this region. Six units, twelve station of Bangladesh Betar and fourteen community radio, some private radio station work such a way that now we can say.

As a media bangladesh betar and radio broadcast act as.
01. It is the symbol of youth and speedy.
02. It is the media of quick, smart and hurry.
03. The greatest number of listeners it has.
04. Radio transmission touches the people most of the life time.
05. It can successfully and easily spread the programme.
06. It hold highest networking position.
07. It is usable all time.
08. It can be used with very minimum cost.
09. Transmission and utility cost also chief.
10. Programe preperation cost is less than other media.
11. It proves credible media for the state information.
12. To reach the listeners as a development information for health care, education, security, environment, communication it has no alternatives.

In present situation to develop the nation, to make much awareness, to educate the people, to ensure root level health care, national security, favorable environment position we can use only radio as an intellectual, fast, movable, chief, easily usable media.

Writer : Director, Bangladesh Betar,
National Broadcasting authority,
Shahbag Dhaka.

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